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1.  Icod de los Vinos - La República
Language: Espanol
Island(s): Tenerife

2.  Institutum Canarium
Scientific Association for the Interdisciplinary Research on the Canary Islands and Mediterranean Cultures. Member of the International Federation of Rock Art ...
Language: Espanol|Deutsch|English|Other
Island(s): Tenerife|Gran Canaria|Lanzarote|Gomera|La Palma|Fuerteventura|El Hierro

3.  Pirámides de Güimar
Ethnological museum in Güimar on Tenerife. Founded by Thor Heyerdahl. ...
Language: Espanol|Deutsch|English
Island(s): Tenerife

4.  Sahara: Historia y costumbres
About the recent history of spanish colonies in the sahara ...
Language: Espanol
Island(s): Tenerife|Gran Canaria|Fuerteventura

5.  Web de Lanzarote
The history of Lanzarote with the cities, photos, carnival and the famous Ironman. ...
Language: Espanol
Island(s): Lanzarote


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